“Be Unapologetically Enthusiastic”


The Origin Story

We are professional geeks. We’ve learned how to turn out passions into careers, and want to do the same for others. We want to provide fun and support to the geek community by creating an inclusive and entertaining hub for young geeks to connect with each other and professional geeks – to connect, share their projects and passions, and educate people on the findings of new geek research. We are entertainment with an intellectual edge. We are validation for the next generation just discovering who they are and what they love.

There’s a cultural shift happening. Geek culture was once limited to the fringes of society, often inviting bullying or social exclusion, Many of us spent our young lives feeling like “weirdos.” Today, we are embracing who we are, and giving people the opportunity to find themselves and connect with others who share their passions.

Our goal is to make the world a better (and geekier) place by promoting not only geek culture, but science and new ideas. We want to use our combined superpowers to actually make change happen at a cultural level, and to help geeks find, through our community, the answers to why their passions matter.

Geeks come in many shapes and sizes, and need each other in order to share ideas, support each other in their unique projects, and give them access to the people they’re researching. There are other hubs for geeks out there – they are little oases in a vast sea of geek marketing and mainstream entertainment. We hope to add to that network of oases by providing a unique space for the sharing of information and research, as well as entertainment and passions.