How Personality Predicts Career Success AND Lightsaber Color!

How Personality Predicts Career Success AND Lightsaber Color!

Why is Matt from Engineering fighting Rey?!?!

Why is Matt from Engineering fighting Rey?!?!

You are looking for a job — NAY, a career — something that you want to do for the rest of your life and excel at.  How do you know what to choose?  

“I’ll choose something I’m interested in,” says Billy Teenager, the introverted, non-expressive film enthusiast. “I’ll be an actor!”  

Will he make it to Hollywood? Maybe, but he’s probably at a disadvantage compared to the extroverted, confident method actor who can cry on command.  This is because Billy may not naturally have the personality traits or disposition to market himself, express emotion comfortably in front of a camera, or seek social support; three things that are very advantageous to being a successful actor.  

Although interest is very important, one of the biggest predictors of career success and enjoyment is one’s personality.

A large part of industrial/organizational psychology is just that; finding ways to predict career success and satisfaction based on a number of predictors, including one’s personality, values, and skills. We must play to our strengths! Two common measures of these are the Holland Code and the Meyer’s Brigg, the latter of which you can take here

Once you do, I encourage you to see what your “hell” would be, based on your personality.  Pretty hilarious and terrifying. 

Although interest is very important, one of the biggest predictors of career success and enjoyment is one’s personality.”

Crippling thoughts of hell aside, as a general term, a personality test is a type of questionnaire taken by an individual to indicate certain qualities that remain fairly constant and true throughout their developed patterns of thought and behavior. Once these qualities are identified, the individual can be placed on a spectrum for specific traits measured by the test.  

Those resultspaired with other predictors like work samples, skill-sets, and beliefs (check out career aptitude tests here!) allow us to optimize career fit, choice, success and satisfaction.  More importantly, they allow us to determine…


This is true! Perhaps contrary to layman knowledge, lightsabers are not all made equal, and within the extended Star Wars Universe (I know it’s dead, but let’s assume these rules still apply), the color of the lightsaber, or Kyber crystal, does partly represent the type of force user the Jedi, gray or sith is! Let’s consider some different lightsaber colors, and how they may best suit their user.

GREEN—Consulars, Qui-Gon, Luke, Yoda

Green crystals are favorable to those who avoid confrontation but will fight with great resolve when need be.  They’ll likely let insults roll off their shoulders, but should others interfere with social peace, will become strong and assertive.  They tend to be socially savvy, have extroverted traits, good self-control and motivation, and high mental integrity, though may lean towards black-and-white thinking (e.g., “Do, or do not — there is no try”).  They also have great force abilities. 

… I thought we weren’t supposed to “deal in absolutes”?

… I thought we weren’t supposed to “deal in absolutes”?

RED—Sith Lords, Kylo Ren

Neurotic and controlling, with rigid and emotional thinking, red crystal users thrive on confrontation and have a low emotional cut-off. People with a low emotional cut-off tend to cut people out of their lives — even those they share intimate relationships with — over petty things.

Though they may have high emotional intelligence, they use that to their gain, as they are often very narcissistic and Machiavellianistic; these people feel as though they can use people easily without feelings of guilt.  

This is very similar to a common CEO profile, and for better or worse, makes them brutally powerful.

BLUE—Obi-Wan, Anakin, Guardians, combat

Blue users tend to be social warriors for the light side, those who fight, with passion, against those who dare attempt to oppress the good or weak.  They are caring and largely empathetic, which may interfere with their own ability to stop themselves from making emotional decisions, despite otherwise being ambitious.  They may pursue high highs and experience low lows.  They also favor lightsaber skills over force abilities.

PURPLE—Mace Windu, Mara Jade Skywalker

Perhaps best interpreted as a mix of blue and red, purple crystals may be befitting of an aggressive Gray, in that they use both light and dark side force techniques (e.g., Mace often attacks from above with his saber).  They may be the bad guy who is bad for good reasons, or vice versa.  They tend to be aggressive and confrontational, but with a sense of righteous indignation and stubbornness.  These users tend to be the vigilantes. Batman would probably be a purple user.

*Cue the rage-fueled Reddit argument.*

YELLOW—Sentinels, Plo Koon

Yellow crystals often benefit users who prefer stealth and strategy, as well as a hard lean towards technology and environmental supports.  They do not put high stakes into self-pride — thus often keeping their force powers on the down low. These individuals are more about the bottom line of getting things done, as they may do things other light-side users will not in this regard.  They will pursue indirect confrontation and will meet direct confrontation with creative problem solving if need be.

ORANGE—Mandalorian Knights

Orange users tend to be very similar to yellow crystal users, but with more of an emphasis on negotiation and combat.  Crystals that lean more towards gold would benefit orange users that have very strong light-side based skills, but begin to shift away from likely canon.

SILVER—Imperial Knights

This crystal color was the color of the Imperial Knight saber — force practitioners who vehemently rejected the dark side whilst passively avoiding the light side — who subscribe to the “Gray” side of the force (e.g., Grey Jedis).  Silver crystal users often value loyalty, reasoning, and balance—hence why they reject extremes of “light” or “dark.” 

As a note, I think it’s VERY possible that Luke Skywalker subscribed to Gray Jedi principles as opposed to the light side, perhaps seeing a devotion to such an extreme as a perpetrator of force instability.

Now, there are other less common lightsaber colors like Lowbacca’s bronze saber (emphasizes physical strength), white sabers, black saber’s, etc., but given their rarity, we’ll focus on the aforementioned options.  

Want to found out your perfect lightsaber color? Take our quiz here!

Take Our Lightsaber Test and Discover Your Best Color!

Take Our Lightsaber Test and Discover Your Best Color!

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